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This is a doc I started to keep track of websites that “survived” the 2023 helpful content update as well as the Google Core update in October and the November Product Reviews update.

Why Track These Sites?

There were 1,000s of sites negatively affected in the latest HCU update from Google, tracking the websites that did well can help inform your own SEO strategy.

It goes without saying, you should always take these sorts of analysis with a pinch of salt. This is not a representative sample rather a random picking of sites that I saw come out alive in the update.

I’m sure there are instances where sites that look and operate much worse than these sites “survived” and are potentially outranking you. This document is not meant to answer the question as to why that’s happening, rather highlight a sample of sites doing well that may inspire you and help you refine your own SEO strategy.

For example, if you’re an Ecom site owner, you might want to checkout the and see how they’re integrating product pages and their blog to drive organic sales.

If you’re a travel blog, you might want to checkout and see how they’re doing their internal linking to see if there’s anything for you to learn.

Are You Going To Update This List?

Every month (on the 17th) I’ve been updating this list to track how these sites perform after each update. If you want to get updates on these sites what I’m seeing consider signing up.

At least for the next couple of month’s (probably longer) I’m going to keep this list updated and add new sites to it. If you have sites you want me to consider adding, let me know!