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Researching Mega Competitive SERPs

At least monthly I research a number of really competitive SERPs. SERPs like best vpn for streaming, best online casino, best credit card, etc. I don’t have sites in these niches, but I know they are mega competitive. Businesses spend $1,000s on links and full time SEOs to tweak and optimize these pages. You know
crossfit site

My Fitness Blog

In this post, I want to explain why I bought it, what I did when I had it, and why I ended up selling it so soon after purchase. Why I Bought This Fitness Site After selling my pest site in September of 2019, I had some capital to deploy into new projects. I knew

My Pest Control Blog

I started the pest control blog in February of 2017, about 7 months after I launched the bow tie site (August 2016). This article will specifically let you in on why I picked pest control as a niche, how I built the site, and why I sold it. Below is a screencap of the listing

My Bow Tie Blog

This was my very first attempt at blogging way back in 2015/2016 and basically where I cut my teeth on SEO and learning how to convert organic search traffic into money. This article will specifically let you in on why I picked bow ties as a niche, how I built the site, and why I

How To Scale Linkbuilding Program (A Complete Guide)

Given the current SEO climate and Google’s continued reliance on links as a signal in its algorithm, building a scalable linkbuilding process IS CRITICAL to off-page SEO and a successful inbound marketing strategy. In addition to marketing, I have a background in information systems, information technology, and process improvement, so when I see a process

My Jewelry Blog

A UPDATE FROM SHANE This write-up was written in 2020. I sold my Jewelry blog for $500,000 on on 6/1/2021. This write-up still reflects my strategy for this site and why I entered the jewelry niche, so I am leaving it up for you to learn! This article will specifically let you in on

Entrepreneurship, Self-Doubt, And Celebrating Small Wins

I’ll be honest… even still with the success I’ve been fortunate to have had, I still have many days where self-doubt creeps in and kicks me down. I just hit the 250 subscriber mark on YouTube, and it feels good. It feels like progress. But at the same time, there were many days where I

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