Download Shane’s Page Level Revenue Attribution Workbook

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This is a workbook I built to track revenue by page as well as rollup by category. This workbook also looks at the funnel by page to see metrics like CvR, RPV, and RPL. Also in this workbook is my favorite column “Rev Opp” which is the revenue opportunity of a page if it were to rank #1.

page level

Why Use This Report?

It is absolutely mission critical that you are able to attribute revenue at a page level if you are running a business that depends on SEO as a customer acquisition channel.

If you track revenue by page you are able to see which pages are growing your business and paying back your investment in content and linkbuilding.

Reporting in this way will also allow you to rollup your reporting into category or segment views for more strategic discussions.

Will This Workbook Work for Me?

If you are able to attribute revenue to a page, then yes. I have setup this workbook so you can swap my placeholder words with actual keywords you might be using in your business.

Attribution can be super complex, my recommendation would be to keep it simple and go with a “first touch” attribution approach. That is, attribute the revenue a customer/lead generates to the page they came from first that eventually resulted in the customer becoming a lead or sale.

For example, if you’re an ecom business I’d attribute revenue to the first organic page that the customer originated on before becoming a sale. If you’re a local business, attributing the revenue to the first organic page they landed on before filling out a contact form.

The point is to know which organic page resulting in this person finding your business and then turning into revenue.

It’s also possible to just use this workbook to brainstorm a version that is more appropriate for your business.

This workbook is intentionally built to be simple. The more visualizaton and data you add the more overwhelming it can get to analyze, especially for more junior SEOs and analysts.

I would recommend you use some version of this workbook in your business.