Linkbuilding Blacklist

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The current count of websites included in this blacklist is 11,995.

This blacklist is updated regularly with new websites my team has found to be actively selling links with little regard to site quality.

Download it, use it, and keep your website safe from Google penalties.

Why do you need a website blacklist?

Getting links from websites that are actively engaged in selling links does more harm than good.

Just as the fine folks at (screenshot below). had dozens of links in its backlink profile from this blacklist and reaped a short lived benefit.

Don’t be like, use the blacklist.

Be Wary of using “Link Agencies”

If you are engaged with a link agency doing linkbuilding on your behalf make sure to use this list to vet the links the agency is securing for you.

And just because the website has traffic does not mean it’s “good”.

You want links from websites that rarely (if ever) sell links.

If you 1) get the blacklist and 2) follow my advice you’ll avoid anything like what did to their website.